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1. Symptom: No drive letter such as D: or E: is assigned to my CDROM/DVDROM or CD WRITER. Computer will freeze before Windows will start.

Solution1: Double check your installation. Make sure the CD Writer jumper is set to Master which is listed as MA on the back of the CD Writer. Your CDROM/DVDROM should be set to SLAVE which is SL. Connect the CD Writer to the middle connector of the IDE Ribbon Cable and connect the CDROM/DVDROM to the end of the IDE Ribbon Cable.

Solution2:For COMPAQ, DELL or E-Machines you need to check to see what the CDROM/DVDROM jumper is set to. If the jumper is set to Slave or Master go back to Solution1, if the CDROM/DVDROM jumper is set to CS Cable Select you need to change the CD Writer jumper setting to Cable Select, which is CS or CSEL. You need to use the original IDE Ribbon Cable that was connected to your CDROM/DVDROM. If an IDE ribbon Cable was provided in the CD Writer kit do not use it. Connect the CD Writer to the middle connector of the IDE Ribbon Cable. A jumper fits over the 2 pins under CS, SL or MA. The jumper slides out with your fingernails or tweezers.

2. Symptom: Roxio Easy CD Creator is not working with my Pacific Digital CD Writer.

Solution:You will need the exact model name and # of your CD Writer. (This info is also on the burner itself)

Right Click on the My Computer icon, Left Click Properties (win2000 and XP click Hardware)

Click Device Manager, Double Click CDROM, It will list the BURNER and the CDROM

Write the name of the Burner down and click on this link:


Enter the Make and Model# of the burner, it will tell you if the PDC drive is compatible with Easy CD Creator and what upgrade you will need to download to make it work. Click here for a list of drives compatible with NERO: http://www.nero.com/en/recorder.htm

3. Symptom: My PC freezes when I insert a blank CDR disc into my CD Writer. My CD Writer software does not see my CD Writer.

Solution1: Uninstall all burner software, except the CD Writer software provided by Pacific Digital. Uninstall Windows Media Player 7.1 subcomponent "CD Burn Plug-in", Music Match and Real jukebox. . Make sure to use the Add/Remove Programs feature under Control Panel to uninstall programs.

Solution2: The computer should be off, now turn the computer on and press the F8 key every second or hold down the CTRL key.

When the Safemode menu pops up select SafeMode and press enter.

Press the "Windows Symbol Key" on the bottom left of your keyboard and the Pause/Break key on the top right of the keyboard at the same time to open System Properties, now (Win2000 or XP click Hardware), click Device Manager, double click CDROM. Remove all drives listed under CDROM, you will need to do this one at a time. When finished, restart the computer.

4. Symptom: My CD Writer software does not list a supported CDR/CDRW drive. I burn data or audio files and the disc is still blank.

Solution: Download ASPI drivers version 4.70 by clicking the link listed below. Save the aspi_v470.exe file to your desktop and double click on it to unzip it.

After unzipping the ASPI 470 file, go to the folder it was unzipped to, you need to double click on the ASPIINST.exe file and then reboot.

5. Symptom: My CD Writer is burning slowly or freezes in the middle of burning.

Solution1: Right click on the My Computer icon, then left click on properties, select Device Manager, double click on IDE Controller or Hard Disk Controller. You will see something called "Intel, VIA, ALI, or SIS" Bus Master. Now download the newest driver for the type listed.Pick the Maker of your Bus Master below:

VIA Bus Master: http://www.viaarena.com/?PageID=2#4in1

Solution2:Try right clicking on the my computer icon, then left click on properties, select Device Manager, double click on CDROM, highlight the burner, click properties, click settings. Now Auto Insert Notification should not have a check mark. If DMA is not check marked go ahead and check mark it, click OK restart your PC.

Instructions for Win XP Win 2000: Open Control Panel, double click System, click Hardware, click Device Manager, Double click IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers, double click on Secondary IDE Channel, click on Advanced Settings, set the Transfer Mode to "DMA if available", click OK and restart your computer.

6. Symptom: My NTI CD Maker software say's "No supported CDR/CDRW detected". I drag and drop a file and I get a CDMKER.EXE error.

I burn data or audio files and the disc is still blank.

Solution: Download the CD Maker 5.1.9 update.

7. Symptom: When I try to use CD COPY I receive an Illegal Request error. CD COPY takes a long time to make a copy.

Solution: Use the CD Writer as the source and the target. Insert the Music Audio CD or Data disc into the CD Writer. Set the source as the CD Writer. Start the burn process. The CD Writer software will now make a temporary copy to your hard drive. The CD Writer software will now ask you to insert a Blank CDR disc. It will move the temporary copy from the Hard drive to the blank CDR disc. This operation requires 850MB of free space on your hard drive.

8. Symptom: My CD Writer will no recognize or format blank discs. I have tried all of the Solutions on this list and my CD Writer still doesn't work right.

9. Symptom: Both Windows95 and 98 have a bug: Sometimes, Windows can't work out the IDE controller, and therefore ceases to use its 32-bit drivers for it.

- CDROM drive disappears
- In device manager, both "Primary IDE controller" and "Secondary IDE controller" appear with a yellow exclamation mark
- In device manager under "performance", all HD's appear in compatibility mode.

Click Start, then Run... , and type regedit
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\VxD\IOS
You should see a value named "NoIDE". Delete it, close regedit and reboot!

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