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Just DirectConnect™ and view! The MemoryFrame™ from Pacific Digital lets you quickly transfer photos directly from your digital camera and play them back in a slideshow in your home or office. With its high-quality active matrix TFT LCD display providing vibrant high-resolution images, the Pacific Digital MemoryFrame™ gives digital photographers an easy solution to showcase their photos, with-out the need for a PC or printer. The only product of its kind to be compatible with both USB cameras as well as USB readers for standard MemoryStick™, CompactFlash™ and SmartMedia™ memory cards, the Pacific Digital MemoryFrame™ operates with the vast majority of digital cameras in use today. The USB interface provides speed and portability allowing users to download immediately from their own or friend’s cameras with just a simple and fast high-speed USB transfer. It is ideal for both home and office users to proudly display family photos on the desk, shelf, or wall.
MemoryFrame is perfect as a gift for friends, business contacts, or relatives. Imagine preloading the MemoryFrame with those “just perfect” photos, and sending it as a personal gift. It would leave an impression long after the gift is opened.

For that personal touch, a wide variety of wood and lacquered frames are available to suit any décor. Frames can be changed in moments, and locked directly onto the MemoryFrame to be displayed on a desk, mantelpiece, or hanging on a wall.

So let MemoryFrame free your imagination to explore the many ways you can express yourself, not only with the photos you take, but the way you present them.

Transfer & Display Photos Directly
From Your Digital Camera
  • Bright 5.6” TFT LCD Screen
  • Simple DirectConnect™ Plug & Play Via USB
    Quick Transfer Into Onboard Memory
  • Fits Virtually Any 5" x 7" Picture Frame to Match Your Décor
  • No subscriptions, no costly memory cards,
    no PC required, just transfer & view!
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